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Hello going to be slowly updating this thread to try and get a handle on various glitches, clips, and oddities. Anyone is free to share whatever glitches or oddities they have here. There have been some new developments within Shinobi III that should further decrease the time of Any% and No Kunai.

The first and newest glitch that I would like to put out there is a skip for Final Confrontation as well as an explanation for it. BaconOmelette has pretty much refined it. Below it I will place a video for showing how to go into objects when there is a reloading zone. Reloading zones occur every 10 or so screens.

First is BaconOmelette's video showing the loading zone's using LUA scripts.

BaconOmelette Showing my Down Clip and Pit Traversal with LUA displaying position.

Me showing one way to do that Skip to End of FC (double jump, go to floor, then use ninjitsu and hold up)

I show how I am controlling the y screen position, and the y position in the screen to get ejected into the pipe from a loading zone.

BaconOmelette's Final Confrontation Complete Skip

Going to post some text I posted in the Shionbi III discord where most of this progress has been taking place.

when the game reloads a section it resets you to the "top" of the level at whatever Y position you were OUTSIDE The current view
so say you are are hanging under the level...or FALLING outside the screen when it reloads
then you go to that y position only at the top
so say we use [y-screen number, y-pos]
if you are on the bottom of that FC, i think the y screen is 1
and you are on around 240 on that bottom area with the crawl space
so you could say [1,240]
once it reloads you are fine since that is within the view
however if you go to [2,50] you would be falling to your death outside the view
the game will reset you to [0,50], which in this case would be near the top of that last reloading section in FC within the wall.
keeping that y-position, but resetting the y-screen number
when it reloads
when you are -2, you get reset [0,y-position]
for -3 y screen, you go to [-1, y-position]
in essence if you knew you were near a loading zone
and say there was a pipe in the normal view from [0,0] to [0,100]
of course with the screen position y positions have the top of the screen as the "0", and to bottom as "256"
then you would want your position in the ceiling, before it loaded to be between [-2,0] to [-2,100]
then your new position after reloading would be between [0,0] to [0,100]
inside the pipe


Bomb Box Glitch is an excellent glitch. I found that destroying any box with a bomb in it then you can clip through enemies until the bomb explodes or is cleaned up by the game if you move too far from it. There are several points in the game where this will come in use and will save seconds for sure. While others were making use of this glitch already in the game I found that it was all bomb boxes and that it does not matter how you destroy the box. Also that you can clip through all enemies while the bomb is still active.

This first clip is the one I like the most.


This post will show all the currently known ways to despawn enemies. To get these to work you need to NOT kill many enemies. The idea is that you keep them alive so the game does not spawn more. If I miss any make a post. I will try to post a version that shows the enemy spawned, and then a version with the despawn after.

1) Body Weapon - Despawn Last Sludge Man (if these guys have actual names in game tell me)


2) Body Weapon - Despawn Last Ant Lion


3) Destruction - Despawn Some Ninjas and Floaters Before First Reloading Zone


4) Final Confrontation - Turrets Despawn - Probably the most well-known and easy to do despawn.



This post will aim to explain the fast kunai throwing and fast close range attack.

The fast kunai throwing essentially is alternating between pressing the attack button and then jump rapidly while on the ground. Pressing attack makes him throw a kunai, then pressing jump cancels the throwing animation, but before Musashi can get off the ground, the attack button is pressed which cancels the jump animation and Musashi is forced to throw another kunai, and this can loop until you run out of kunai.

The fast close range attack is basically the same thing only using the close range attack, and is really more for 6-button. Note that with the powerup he uses a sword which is slower than the close range kunai. I was using the 6-button mode when I did this.

In both cases the input would look like:

Keaur's explanation video


Using the 6-button mode here.


Wall and Ceiling Clips
This post will be about the various known ways of having our favorite ninja go into and out of objects he is not supposed to.
3-button mode has all possible clips while 6-button mode is missing the wall jump clips, because of how the game handles momentum and states. Bacon Omelette made a video that switches between the two modes to show the difference. I have posted his explanation from Discord below. I am going to attempt to show separate clips for both modes as well as additional clips.

If there are others I should include tell me.

Shinobi III - Wall hop difference between 3 button and 6 button

state 39 is after you wall jump and throw a kunai
anytime during that Joe can clip up
it ignores wall detection from the top
pretty sure it's just from the top, don't think it ignores all over
holding the opposite direction is to trick the game to push you in more, when you're in a wall it wants to eject you out by moving you in the opposite way
6 button mode makes your hop off the wall just do a normal jump in the air attack
doesn't carry momentum and is purely moveable by your dpad presses, just like if you were standing on the ground and jumped and attacked
state 22 is what that is
0:17 is when I turn on 6 button mode in that video
I'm realizing now that might be confusing to people since I just do it on the fly but all I'm doing is changing a memory value to turn it on
Clips (Any that depend on Wall jumping + attack (kunai best option) will NOT work in 6-button mode)
Useful / Common Ones First

Body Weapon 2 clips in succession.!muted&video=v235111447&collection=&time=07m10s

Electric Demon First Useful Clip

Electric Demon Skipping Bomb Box

Traps 2 Clip To Boss
There is a loading zone to the right of that area so if you can get there by clipping you load the boss.

Final Destination Clip Skip Platform Through Electric Ceiling

Clipping Using Wall Jump+Close Range Attack
Close range attack works as well but more difficult to perform. Seems like you have less time to get it right.

Ninjitsu Clips

Electric Demon Bomb Box Skip With Ninjitsu
Also shows how you can use the down Clip. If you get above a short tile while in the double jump animation then press ninjitsu and hold up you can clip through it.

Ninjitsu Corner Clip
Seems to only work in low ceiling with bomb boxes (could be wrong). Not consistent.

Glitching Down Through Floor in Crawl Space

Ripper Skip on 7-2

Clipping Down While in Wall
The below clip shows a couple down clips. Specifically you are in the hanging state when the area reloads while in the wall. So then you use ninjitsu and hold up and you get ejected downward.

Clipping through the Invisible Upper Ceiling with Jump Ninjitsu
There is an Invisible Ceiling about the levels, and it turns out it is possible to clip through it. Here I am doing the wall jump + kunai throw.