Act 1 any%

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ACT 1 ROUTE- Walk to the beanbag and go into the fight

Go to the weapons menu, buy the knives and fight the 1st mini boss then go fight tournament

Learn the double sweep move, go to the dojo, do the double sweep move and go watch the block animation, then go to fights. Fight next tournament

Go buy the lvl 2 weapon then fight next 3 tournaments
(careful after fights bc popups for rating and then sensei)

Level up, buy sai with coins, helmet and chest with gems. Go fight 2nd mini boss

Max upgrade sai with coins, upgrade chest once with gems, and upgrade helmet with coins(if you have them, if not do a tourney and then buy it). Then fight the next 5 tournaments.

Level up, buy maxed out batons with coins, fight mini boss #3 then fight the next tournament

Buy the chest and upgrade once, buy helmet. Go fight next 4 tournaments.

Level up, fight the trickster.

Upgrade nunchucks max with coins, buy helmet with coins. Fight next tournament, then 4th mini boss, then next 3 tournaments

Buy chest, max helmet (all with coins). Fight last mini boss.

Level up, buy and max daggers. Get skill tree things.

Get enough resources for maxed daggers, +1 chest, and +1 helmet then fight lynx

Time ends at final hit of lynx.

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