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I've said my piece back in Revenge of Shinobi (which was important for me as a Super Mod for said game) so I won't repeat most of it here.

I do strongly urge that further evidence be presented beyond just your skepticism of sumpura deleting all his accounts since you are claiming sumpura faked his runs. This isn't the first time the runner in question has deleted his accounts.

However the run in question is the current stated WR so I imagine it's going to be scrutinized much moreso than normal so it's up to the mods themselves if they want to remove the run by virtue of the video no longer existing.


You've replied back to me on another thread regarding the same matter, so I'll leave this memo here. The Shadow Dancer runners have discussed this matter at length.

TascoDXL does have a copy of sumpura's run however he is waiting for sumpura's consent before re-uploading it. If there is no response or sumpura wishes to not have it public, TascoDXL will remove his time. This decision was agreed upon by all the runners who took part in the discussion.


We did not receive a response from sumpura thus far, so the run in question has been delisted. If the video gets reposted, his time may be reinstated. We would either need sumpura to provide a link or ok the release of the video on his behalf.