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Dear Mods , Leaders , Runners , Members of Silent Hill

More runners are struggling with the fact they can not compete against the PC versions of Silent Hill.

A lot out there are running on console and they do not find it fair against the PC runners.

I ask all the mods from Silent Hill to look into this matter.
So we can have Console Leader board and a PC leader board.

Then we can all run fair.

Greetz Mies


Hello, i have to say that you have your point. Since load times are faster in pc. The thing is the majority of the runners are in pc. There are only 9 runners on console, and a few of them runs pc aswell. I guess if u start doing runs on the ps2 you will give mods an incentive to finally split the leaderboards.


Thx for the reply @UrieUrie. I do run atm only at consoles. SH1 & SH2 and start with SH3 and SH4 soon.
I think more runners are out there bud they dont want to submit on the leader board.
Or wont speak up. because it does not matter. I just want to get the word out and hope they gonna work on it.

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