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Extreme X/Hard NG misc category
California, USA

I am trying to get this added as a misc category to add a layer of true difficulty to any% runs. I myself am not a speedrunner but I am trying my best to get a decent time. If approved I'll provide my save files for anyone to download.

Nova Scotia, Canada

I don't see why it would be a problem but imo it should only be added on the site after a run with video is recorded. Personally I think the idea of Extreme X/Hard being a speedrun a little silly.

California, USA

I'm glad i've peeked some interest! I'm in the process of routing and practicing as of now and probably will start submitting videos in the coming months.

For the purposes of speedrunning Extreme 1-X and Hard are basically the same thing. The only thing that'll change is you'll need more stamina recovery, maybe. The boss strats are exactly the same. Unless the supply availability value removes ammunition you need which I don't think it does.

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