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Hey guys, i have been trying everything around this but i keep having two problems.

  1. I can't make it so the livesplit works with the ingame timer like the one made by Shunpuk. Ive put everything in the settings has Game Time but still the timer never stops during CS or wherever the timer is supose to stop like the ingame timer.

  2. When im playing silent hill 3 the hotkeys to work the timer has to split dont function unless i put the timer on top of the game which is on the same computer screen which id like to avoid.

Any input would be awesome!

  1. Is this activated here?

  2. Is this activated here?

Yes, it is exactly like you show there.

Edit: Ok, i have no idea why the hell i didnt try this in the first place, i just need to run LiveSplit in administrator for everything to work, all is good now xD

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