Couple Questions.
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Couple Questions.
  1. I'm wondering the same thing, I guess sometimes you just get lucky and the pellets are closer together in the cone.

  2. I believe so.

  3. From my experience, you aim "too quickly". What I think happens is, you shoot, say, god, then she turns off her low head hitbox, do her animation where she goes back up, and THEN turn on her high head hitbox, and Heather would be programmed only to aim at activated hitboxes. So what I do is I wait for her animation to finish (the arms stops wiggling around) and then I aim. Almost always works.

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  1. In my experiences shooting too fast when God has its head down will result in less damage output. I usually wait maybe half a second to a full second before firing. By doing this I manage to get consistent 42s God fights. I believe Leonard has a massive HP pool, that or the random nonsense that is shotgun spread can cause the fight to take longer.

  2. Yes you are correct.

  3. I also have the same problem sometimes, like randomly missing while aiming up at God. I usually just kick Missionary to finish it off for consistency sake.

For 1. Leonard's health is definitely RNG, I messed around in tsearch for a while with it, and if I remember rightly on Easy it ranges from 1800-2600, usually sitting towards the middle. HOWEVER, I think shotgun spread and some other things affect how much damage you do in that fight too. So it's actually a whole ton of RNG.

For God I've had some weird inconsistencies in health and stuff, but I think it is based on where and when you fire. I was able to get consistent 42 second fights if I made sure I did the exact same each time, so I don't think she has health RNG as such but I'm not sure, I could never find accurate tsearch values for it. You want to try and take this fight slowly, because going slower ironically makes you go faster.

  1. Yuppers, assuming you mean for the Leonard fight. It's also worth moving just a tad forward before you do it the second time so that you don't get pushed too far back when you do it.

  2. A lot of aiming stuff is linked to flashlight, so often but not always it can be linked to that, Heather's aiming is tied into what she can see. Sometimes the game is just very finnicky about aiming, I've heard of people having problems with the aiming down strat for Alessa. For God you want to be fairly close to her when you aim upwards or there is a moderate chance you will miss. I think you can also be too close as well sometimes. Like Jokie said timing is key too.

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I was thinking, does walking closer to Leo make hitting all the bullets in the spread more consistent?

I don't think so, I tried some stuff like that before and it didnt seem to make it any better


If you get too close, your shots will miss, they'll all fly over him.

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8 years ago

From what I understand Sephjul supposedly went into the code and tested that Leonards health is actually rng. Also I believe the cone spread isn't random. (at least the like bullet hitting the walls effect always looks the same to me) Might be a way to move to a side or something to hit with more of the cone. I don't believe aiming down works at all.

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