Need help (50% SR related) with controls!
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Need help (50% SR related) with controls!

Heya, since you guys are running SH3 on PC I wanted to know how you guys mapped your controllers?

I am using a X360 wired pad for PC and tried configuring it but I don't have a clue if it was me but even tho showing me it accepted the buttons it did not use them properly in-game itself. Maybe someone that uses the X360 pad too can either post screens of their config in-game or from the Config tool pretty please?

I wanna be a big boy and re-play as well as, maybe, give a few runs a shot, but I don't wanna use the keyboard for tank-control games tbh :( gimme a helping hand here, will ya? :)


At the moment I got everything mapped with a picture I found that said A button does this, B does this. But it was for a prog similar to XPadder so yes, my triggers wont work, as do the L3 and R3 buttons. But I got around it, all I am currently lacking is the Right stick to look around, a button for Supplies and one for Zoom, of which I did not make use in my 30 minutes of play testing. I will, however, map those to keyboard buttons via XPadder now so I can use em regardless :)


I found that out last night :D Yet the centering does come in handy when searching for ways and stuff since you can basically look up front, at least most of the time. The Subway system was horrible. Why do you have to sorta like "lure" a train to arrive by nearly killing yourself? Konami Pls Kappa

But yeah, I started figuring stuff out as you suggested Liv, thanks for leading me to that conclusion :) After I finished my Playthrough Imma go ahead and steal your strat like you stole mine on Phantom Limbs at first :P See you in the future runs <3

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There's also the 2D and 3D controls you can swap between, I know one of them turns off tank controls which makes it a lot nicer for running on controller, I did one or two runs for fun like that, I'm not sure how the rest of my controller was mapped though because I remember some buttons not letting me map correctly. I was also using a 360 wired controller at the time.

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Old thread but I felt like bumping this because I am wondering about the same topic. Do most people use controllers (360? PS4?), or do people map the keyboard a certain way? Just trying to figure out what is best before I sincerely try running this game. Thanks everyone


I just map the keyboard in a certain way, although admittedly my keyboard binds are nonsensical, but I think most runners of the game ran on KB+M.

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