Way to play SH3 in "fullscreen" w.o. any patch or altering .exe !!!
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Way to play SH3 in "fullscreen" w.o. any patch or altering .exe !!!
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So i found a 3rd party program that puts any "windowed" game into border-less window and even lets you adjust the resolution and position of the now border-less window. Essentially , on your fresh copy or "clean" copy of silent hill just run the game and the program and set the resolution of your monitor (on the program), then adjust the x, y value to clean up the edges. I'm assuming since this is a fresh install of SH3 w.o. ANY files adjusted on the .exe or any file for that matter--this would be acceptable for posting runs correct? Essentially the other program just does it through windows instead of altering any game files as this program works with any game you set in windowed mode. Please let me know what you guys think or if you have questions hit me up on twitch or on here with a message etc. The PROGRAM is called borderless windowed gaming, just google search it, unsure if i can post the link for it .

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Texas, USA

Oh my discord is FishSnack#5867 if you want to message me there

Texas, USA

One other thing about this, if you do run it like this. Every time you start the game you will have to reset the settings in the 3rd party program because for some reason it resets it to a small windowed box again (as if you don't have the settings saved) I'm assuming it does this because SH3 is an older game. Once i learned the settings to set for my screen resolution it only takes me about 15 secs to set it up everytime i run SH3

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Technically windowed borderless would be slower since you can't properly alt tab and grab the windowed header to save time at Borley. Whether it should be banned or not though is another matter. Accepting any sort of mod become a slippery slope. We'll see what the mods say though.

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Yeah, my thing is though, it's not a mod at all. It's an external program that shapes and stretches ANY window on Windows. About the borley thing, it would definitely impact that HUGE time save. So i wouldn't run it when im posting competetive top times(of course) but while i practice i would really prefer this because im not using a second monitor and i can't see my splits when im in fullscreen even though it's set to always on top. It's so frustrating, i wouldn't even need to use windowed if it wasn't for live split now showing on top of Fullscreen SH

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