Potential Big Skip (HDC)
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Potential Big Skip (HDC)

Using Princess Heart on the stairs (GOING DOWN) to the right of the turnstiles. Freezes after leaving Hospital, likely to be trying to find the Motel Trigger, or trying to set the new Trigger to go see Vincent at the Motel.

Posting this for future reference, or other people wanting to test this.

Here's the Older Skip from last night which takes you to Heaven's Night instead (going UP the stairs).

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Tested Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions last night and this morning. Digital only copy with newest patches. Glitch causes the game to crash every time as soon as the glitch is performed. I have no way to test without the newest patch on these consoles. I only have one physical copy of HDC for 360 and it's sealed. I'm not going to open it to test this. I'm moving onto the PS2 version just to see what happens.

I'll mess around with PS3 later today if I have time. I do have an opened physical copy for PS3 so I could try that one, unpatched once I move onto PS3.

Pennsylvania, USA

PS2 also seems to just lock up at the subway. I've tried a bunch of different stairs. The one near the nutcracker has an interesting effect, the game locks up but you can still hear the dogs that are on the floor above you.

EDIT: In every single attempt though the game either stays completely black and never responds again or it returns me to the title screen. PS2, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 all had the same behavior.

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Pennsylvania, USA

PC version crashes at the mattress transition every single time. Some of the subway stairways don't seem to do anything at all. No crash, no OOB.

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