New QS/QL OOB method
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New QS/QL OOB method
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Especially after seeing Alex0023 post here (who I believe doesn't generally use Discord) I felt it was appropriate to clue everyone in here - in the Silent Hill 3 channel of the SH Discord Jokie and So-so have found and are continuously researching a new OOB method using the game's falling (teetering?) animation. Lots of information is being posted there if you want the latest and greatest. Substantial rerouting for ammo, and the shortest time will likely be on Normal difficulty going forward.

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Finally after 5 years someone found an OoB! This is awesome stuff.

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A full Extra New Game run featuring these skips by Jokie:

Punchy has put together a good video showing and explaining the 4 new skips:

My original video about tech / sewer:

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Subway skip doesn't seem to work correctly for me if playing in compat mode XP pack 3. Switching to any other compat mode fixed it, even pack 2.

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another thing that happens for me, not sure if for everyone, but concerning the subway skip; when you quick load, you need to hold aim AND forward, not just aim. just holding aim, for me, made it so it barely ever worked. aim plus forward and i get it waaay more often. other skip spots i didnt need to hold forward 𝘒𝘯π˜₯ aim to get but holding forward might increase likelihood of getting it on those spots too.

update: aim and forward works better for multiple people. another note; for me park skip can malfunction if i'm holding up.

i suggest playing with it for yourself and finding what works best. You can reload the same quick load and test doing it one way then the other, and see if some you'd get one way you wouldn't the other.

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