SH3 in w11 is not 4:3
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SH3 in w11 is not 4:3

As I put in the title, the game is not set to 4:3 on w11, it just stretches to 16:9. Any help on this? or can I runner like this?

United States

where did you get it? sounds like maybe a fan patched version or something. join the discord and we will have an easier time helping you :)

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I have downloaded the version that is on the discord. The mega you have, but I'm on the discord. One person told me that maybe I couldn't because of my monitor, but either I couldn't find it or I didn't know how to look for it properly. While I was testing things, I changed the resolutions of other games, but sh3 and sh2 were still stretched.

Thx u for answer

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