Mall Skip Glitch (Tutorial)

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The skip consists of activating "Princess Heart" in the last frame of the escalator - After that, you will hear a "soft" sound, then you will be teleported to the limbo of the game, where you must walk until you reach the Mall-Normal.

To unlock "Princess Heart" you must finish the game at least once - after inserting "PrincessHeart" in the costume typewriter, the transformation costume will automatically appear in the inventory of an extra new game.

You can download the save with the game finished in here:

You must replace your files (if you have) in "installation location (it depends on where you installed the game) - Silent Hill - DataSave
This links shows the exact frame you are going to go and, activate the "Princess Heart" - the last frame before you cross the stage:

back strategy:

You can learn all about it here:

Note: Does not work in HD version (X360, XONE):

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