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Puzzles in SH2 for PS3

Do the puzzles in Silent Hill 2 for the PS3 have fixed solutions? I'm asking this because each and every time i've played the game in Normal, Hard and Extra Riddle Difficulty the solutions are always the same, like:

In the afe puzzle the solution is always 16 >> 09 << 04 >> 16

In the carbon paper is always 9598 The blood wall is always 2421

And the suitcase is always LOCK

The same happens with the bug room and the hangman in which the innocent man's body is always on the same position.

Is it just me or does the PS3 version indeed has fixed solutions???

Pennsylvania, USA

The last time I played it on PS3 on Normal, my suitcase solution was HELP I'm fairly certain so no, I don't think it's supposed to be locked/fixed solutions. I've never heard of that happening.

However Silent Hill 2's RNG, as far as I know but others here know better than me, is controlled by the frame that you start your game on so if you somehow started your game on the exact same frame each time - then those solutions would be the same but it would be like winning the lottery if you hit the same frame 3 times in a row. It's almost impossible as far as I'm aware.

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Then I don't know what could be happenning with my save file, because I'm always getting the same solutions each and every time.


Yeah that is (sort of) the case, the solutions scramble only when you soft reset the game. I made a small table of the first 10 seeds for PS3 (I dont know if 360 is the same).

SEED TIME SAFE BLOOD CARBON BUG HANG BC (003) 08:21 | 01 >> 13 << 11 >> 15 (14) | 3387 | 7667 | 361 | 1 | LOVE

So this is seed 3 (start the game and soft reset twice).

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