Can't ALT+TAB out after I play for a little while
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Can't ALT+TAB out after I play for a little while
Pennsylvania, USA

So this is a weird one....I'm trying to derust this game and I finally got it working on DXWND in a windowed mode and it runs fine now. When the game first launches I can alt+tab out just fine. If I start the game, skip the first cutscene, and then alt+tab out it works fine again. But once I get to the first Pyramid Head fight I go to alt+tab out and it won't let me which means I can't look at the RNG Manip sheet. And from that point forward in the game, I can't alt+tab out at all. Even if I quit back to the menu, I'm now completely unable to alt+tab out of the game.

It's a really strange issue. Has anyone else experienced this? It's pretty frustrating. I can't think of any reason it would work for a while and then just stop working and be permanently broken after that. If I close the game (once it happens) and then reopen it, it works again until I need it at the Pyramid Head fight and then it's not working again from there forward. Somewhere in between the bathroom at the beginning and the PH fight, it just breaks.


Yeah its normal you can only do it once for some reason. I just hit Windows key and then I can move my mouse over to notepad. With DxWnd you don't need to do the task manager thing anymore it has a "Single Core Affinity" automatically when it launches the game so you only need to do it once anyway.

Pennsylvania, USA

Yeah I noticed the Affinity was staying set but I kept getting paranoid and checking it lol. Alright so I'll just not tab out until I need to I guess. My backup plan at the moment was to bring the RNG sheet up on my laptop while I played the game on my PC but that's definitely more cumbersome.


Thats how I do it with PS2 and Xbox runs but yeah depends on your desk/setup I guess.

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