I want to speedrun this game, which version should i get?
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I want to speedrun this game, which version should i get?
Illinois, USA

[Ill preface this post with its my first ever post, apologies if this questions redundant or i sound dumb :-)]

It seems like no matter what im gonna have to sink some cash to get a copy of the game to run, but ill be honest im a bit confused on which copies are allowed.

so from my understanding, i have to use the Official PC version, that has the 3 discs right? just making sure so i buy the right one. everything else seems self explanatory but i just want to make sure im getting the correct copy

again hope im not a bother asking, just a bit confused but i kinda want to dabble in speedrunning this game, hope this message finds you in good spirits :)

Pennsylvania, USA

Most PC versions come with 3 discs and that's definitely what you want to run if you want to compete on the leaderboard as it has some glitches in it that aren't in the other versions.

If you find a copy you want to buy, you can always post a link and we'll check it out for you. US PC version is just called Silent Hill 2 w/3 discs. PAL version is called Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut and also has 3 discs.

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Pennsylvania, USA

The console versions are all allowed as well. The only thing not allowed are mods. You can't mod the game, you can't use the Enhanced Edition for PC (which is essentially a modpack that you can download), etc.

Illinois, USA

ok sounds good, i guess ill look around for that 3 disc set for awhile lol. Thanks for the reply though.


Join the SH Speedrunning Discord and ask in #sh2.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Yeah that version is fine to speedrun. All official releases should be perfectly ok to use.

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