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A thread to discuss possible improvements to knife only.

Air Screamer:

The hardest fight in knife only by far is the Cafe encounter. The safest and most 'reliable' method is to back up along the bar, back and forth. Slash when the Screamer goes to attack you.

Split Head:

This is not as difficult as the Air Screamer, but very scary.
Phase 1: Back up while stabbing the Lizard.
Phase 2: You need to stab his mouth around 20 times. Look below for methods of escaping his attack. Be careful on your exit, as the edge of his mouth can clip the edge of Harry and still kill!

Nurses: Just walk back and forth as you stab, it is very simple.


Two methods I have come up with

Method 1: Do slashes and time a stab as Floatstinger goes to attack.

Method 2: Move along a certain portion of the upper building to force Floatstinger to get close enough to stab. His spit attack seems to do less damage the stinger, so this also saves your HP. Even though it's finicky, this may be the better method.


that airscreamer stunlock is godly

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New Airscreamer strat, not as quick as the original stunlock (which I couldn't pull off at all) but its way more consistent than trying to slash it and taking hits, you could probably get this from your starting position if you quickturn as soon as Harry gets to his feet after the cutscene. You could get away with no health drink pickups too if you did get it first try.

The setup is pretty simple, when you have your back to an Airscreamer, it descends, simply aim with the knife, quickturn and immediately start the stabbing attack (holding X). It seems to be a frame specific timing however so does take practice.

FYI on Split Lizard

Stabbing Split Lizard in its body does the same damage as stabbing him in the face/head, but mouth stabs of course do much more.

Split Lizard turning into / nudging Harry DOES deal damage.

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The "No Moving" stunlock DOES work, I got this several times too. As for number of stabs, the best I got was 4:


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Well done, man. This strat is definitely worth doing, since it's in the first minutes of the run. Might practice a little bit in the future whenevr I start grinding knie only.