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So yes while u can cancel the animation while swapping weapons you still expend the next clips and needs to reload again when u switch back. The reason I don't do it is because it's faster to start it and time it to cancel into a run and always be moving if you don't need to run and need to swap to make a kill that's something that can be done. It's nothing crazy but useful. It's a similar trick used in many games when swaping while the reload is started but it won't actually cancel the reload but move the animation window.
Does not work on low fire weapons or single clip weapons. But canceling to a sprint from a roll once you reload cancels the strafe which is why it's more important for movement. Strafing is slower while continously firing in most cases.

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Yeah, have to pick and choose when its most effective but again will most likely be evading into sprint to close the gap. The best use I've found for it is the boss on 3-3 If pulled off correctly and she cooperate. Using a shotgun with blast on it and a ST assault rifle. Reloading the assualt rifle while scoring the knockdown with the shotgun.

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Yeah Ren at the end lately been killing my pbs when I'm 5mins ahead so been rough.
But gratz on your runs.