Anti-AI infinite loops

By dragonos451dragonos451. Last updated

Since the Beowulf update, there's a reliable way to combo AIs over and over, even on nightmare difficulty. No randomness at all, these "infinites" are 100% reliable. These aren't actual infinites, since they are just short chains into reset, but the AI won't escape it ever. I hope that will let some people attempt nightmare difficulty runs (though you'll face Bloody Marie, and these infinites aren't a thing against her).
Note : They usually won't deal damage as quickly as simply "juggling" the AI, so it's not too relevant for sleepwalk difficulty runs, but you'll definitely need these for nightmare runs.

The basic idea : when an AI leaves hitstun, they won't do anything for 2 frames. And by anything, I mean they won't move, they won't throw any moves, nor will they attempt to block! So if you reset an AI and hit them 1 or 2 frames after the end of hitstun, you're guaranteed to get a new combo!
Now, you might be thinking this is too hard to get reliably, but skullgirls is actually filled with ways to do so very easily. The easiest way is to chain or cancel two moves that don't combo into each other. For example, painwheel sLP -> sHK is a frame perfect reset, no particular timing required!

Here are ideas of loops for different characters :
- Cerebella : sLP (reset) sHP run stop, repeat (if midscreen, do one cLK cMP sHP run stop chain every 2 sLP sHP chain, until you reach the corner)
- Big band (corner) : otg cLPx2 (reset) sHK M brass knuckle, repeat
- Filia (corner) : otg cLPx2 H hairball, repeat
- Ms Fortune (midscreen) : otg sLK sHKx2 (reset) H cat scratchx1 (reset) el gato, repeat
- Ms Fortune (corner) : otg sLK sHP H cat scratchx1 (reset) el gato, repeat
- Peacock (corner) : otg cLP cLK (reset) sHK, repeat
- Valentine (corner) : otg cLP cLK (reset) M savage bypass, repeat (small delay between cLP and cLK against some characters, else cLK whiffs)
- Parasoul (midscreen) : dash otg sMKx2 (reset) bHK L tear toss, repeat
- Parasoul (corner) : sMKx2 L shot, (reset) [sMKx2 (reset) fHP delay L shot], repeat (the tear has to be shot after the last one explodes) (only do sMKx2 L shot once, to set up the first tear shot, then only loop the part in brackets) (buffer after tear shots allows you to consistently frame perfect reset with sMK)
- Squigly (corner) : (reset) cLPx1 cMK sHPx2 uncharged arpeggio (QCF + LK) (buffer after arpeggio allows you to consistently frame perfect reset with cLP)
- Eliza (midscreen) : cLPx1 (reset) cHPx1 L spiral
- Eliza (corner) : sLK (reset) sHPx2 L spiral
- Painwheel (midscreen) : dash sLP (reset) sHP L nail
- Painwheel (corner) : otg cMK (reset) cHP fly 3jMK whiff

Guaranteed wake up/okizeme :
You may have noticed most of these loops will only work in the corner. Feel free to look for midscreen ones for your character by yourself, but first, note that you don't necessarily need one. It can be a better idea to do a quick max corner carry combo if your character has one, or use knockdown moves that send them far away to get them close to the corner.

But then how do you get them into the infinite loop reliably from there? Simple :
The AI won't act for 2 frames after leaving hitstun, but also after waking up from a knockdown! Plus, an AI will never tech a red bounce, so if you knock them down after a combo that didn't use otg, you have all the time necessary to chase them. Then use a multi hit move or one with a lot of active frames to hit them on their wakeup, and proceed with the infinite loop of your choice.

Important note about full undizzy damage :
Remember that all your combos will start at 55% damage scaling if undizzy is full. Use combos as short as possible to send them to the corner, and remember that most loops do build a little bit of undizzy over time. If you have a reliable way to open up AIs after a slower reset, be ready to hit them with it if you need to drain some undizzy down and keep maximum damage going.