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Hello everyone.

Just so that everyone is aware, the Category Extensions leaderboard is now available. You can find it on the side-bar already or linked from here:

Category Extensions Leaderboards are made to hold an abundance of "miscellaneous" categories. This is done to keep the main leaderboard focused on what should be considered the most competetive categories.

Many of the existing miscellaneous categories such as Survival, Shin Akuma Challenge, Dramatic Battle and "Maximum Alpha" will be now listed on the Category Extensions leaderboard.

We have decided we would also like to move the "Max Damage" category to the Category Extensions leaderboard as well. While the Max Damage category is a rather enjoyable run, we generally believe that Max Damage doesn't really represent what would be the standard way of playing the game.

Moving Max Damage runs to Category Extensions will allow us to simplify the main leaderboard, reducing to just "Normal Damage" runs and either Normal or Expert difficulty within the chosen platform.

I would like to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions before we implement such a big change. Please do so by replying to this post, or contacting us on the Street Fighter discord.

If the majority of the community is in favor or indifferent to the change, we will begin moving runs in the next few days.

Thanks for your attention.

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Well its been a few days. No one seems to have any strong objections and a few people on the discord seem in favor. I'm going to begin moving runs tomorrow.

Last chance to have your voice heard.

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I totally agree! You will be more organized than running, you will certainly find this subcategory now in the "miscellaneous" section. Thank you for letting us participate in decisions like this. I just have to thank you!

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