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Hey all,

Just wondering if the upcoming Jotego CPS2 core for the MiSTer FPGA platform would be allowed as a platform eventually. It is currently in beta, so obviously that wouldn't be an option right now, but given how generally accurate arcade FPGA cores tend to be even over MAME, I'd say it should be an option to investigate alongside the others currently under investigation.

Jotego has made various arcade cores, namely the Ghosts n Goblins and CPS1 cores, with the latter being accepted as a viable platform on the SF2 leaderboards.

Just thought I'd bring that option up. Thanks! 🙂

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Definitely allowed .. we may even allow classing it as "real hardware". (havent discussed yet)
Just specify in the description that it was used. All good!


it is allowed, as im doing my arcade runs with a mister. we can add a variable np, good idea.