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so i was looking over two vods from kuerten that were approved with them using turbo 2, while almost every other run is using turbo 1, are we allowed to use turbo 2 or is it supposed to be set to default turbo, and if so shouldn't the runs be considered invalid for WR!? I ask because i was told that it should be set to default which is turbo 1


This is kind of an awkward situation that came up due to the change in moderation we had a while back. Previously, the categories and rules for the speedruns were inconsistent and didn't really make much sense. When we took over moderation for the leaderboard we made some changes that fit really well for the other platforms. Unfortunately SNES kind of fell into an awkward spot:

The only reason Turbo 1 was required originally was because the original rules set just blindly forced "default" for no reason (while other platforms forced other arbitrary rules sets that made even less sense).

We generally allow Turbo 2 on everything, it should have been allowed to begin with and makes really no sense why it shouldn't. I agree that the category shouldn't be called "Default" though, probably just "medium" or "normal", but even so you could still consider it "default damage/difficulty".
Having said that, if the community agrees and wants to separate Turbo 1/ Turbo 2, we can create separate categories for it.
No one up until now has complained though, so we just let it be as is and the category will just eventually "optimize its way to Turbo 2" as it always should have.

So far only one other person has brought this up (we talked to him on discord) and he ended up agreeing with our stance after some thought. But feel free to speak your opinion here if you disagree. If there is enough of a push from the community we can consider making Turbo1/2 categories for SNES. It just seems like a really awkward thing to do since we already have categories for WiiVC / Difficulty.

So yeah, basically T2 is allowed. All of the current T1 runs are mildly unfairly disadvantaged by the rules change but no one seems to really care (myself included).

All in all though, the benefit of Turbo 2 is kinda small .. it will still take a considerable amount of skill to get anywhere in the 10:30 range or lower even with T2.

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well i only inquired about cus i was talking about it with viewers a couple days ago while looking at some runs, i don't mind if it stays or goes honestly i just wanted to know more about the stance on the rulings as i was wondering if T1/T2 was allowed for runs since i just recently picked this game up to run

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No problem at all, that's what we're here for ^^b
Thanks for asking and if anyone else has a a strong leaning one way or the other on the ruling feel free to voice them here, we'll keep the thread open incase such a desire from the community becomes apparrant in the future.

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i actually asked the question just recently in the discord

i personally think its fine but thats just me

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