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Under the new moderation of @NerdyNesterNerdyNester, @TenkaTenka, @sprivenspriven, @HabbleHabble and @DustyTokyoDustyTokyo the rule changes for the Street Fighter Alpha 2 leaderboards have now been completed!
Please find below a detailed list of all the changes.

• Discord community intergration has been added to the sidebar

• INP File intergration for WolfMAME submissions has been added
Submissions using WolfMame may submit a valid INP file of the run instead of requiring the emulator window to be captured

• General Rules for all platforms have been redesigned and clarified for consistency
• Clarified timing start and end inconsistencies
• Clarified many config inconsistencies accross all platforms
• Permitted Emulators have been updated
• Submissions made using Smartphone Emulators are now universally banned
• Submissions made using Flash Cartidges on real hardware are now universally allowed

• All official releases of the game are now allowed including Alpha 2 Gold and it's JP counterpart, Zero 2 Alpha. A full list of gameplay changes and selectable secret characters can now be found in Game Rules

• Secret Characters are now universally allowed
Shin Akuma is the only exception to this who now has his own category until we can ascertain if he's too broken in runs to compete with the regular cast members

• New "PC" category and it's associated platform has been added
This new platform references the downloadable port from GOG

• New "PS5" platform for the 30th Anniversary port has been added
• New "3DSVC" sub-category for the SNES port has been added
• The previously sole existing category has been renamed "Max Damage"
• New "Default" category for all platforms
• New "Expert" category for all platforms
• New "Survival Mode" misc category for the Arcade platform
• New "Dramatic Battle" misc category for the Arcade platform (Can be done Solo or Co-Op
• New "Shin Akuma Challenge" misc category for the Arcade platform
• New "MAXIMUM ALPHA" misc category for Playstation, Saturn and PC platforms
• Many previously rejected runs have now been overturned and re-verified into their respective new categories

Thankyou everyone for your paitence as we continue to grow our community and we look forward to seeing all your speedruns to come!

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