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This run did not show difficulty, is performed on an innacurate emulator on mobile phone and has a listed time of 4:50 when even in the video its shown as 9:58.

Edit: Also the run is cheated. It uses an artificial speed up method (probably an emulator fast-forward button) to gain time inbetween matches/rounds. Easily noticeable at 1:19 where the "round 1 / fight" message is sped up (impossible to do via in-game means).

Please reject this run. I mean you already had the leaderboard wiped once due to people not properly following the rules regarding difficulty.

I don't really understand how it can be too hard to just look at a video before verifying it even if its for just a few seconds to check that it follows the rules.

If you are having trouble performing your moderator duties, please give moderator to someone who is willing put in a little more effort. I'm willing to help out myself. If you are uncomfortable with that, then there are a number of people I could nominate for the job such as @DustyTokyoDustyTokyo or @HabbleHabble.

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this is just pure negligence on the mods part...there's absolutely no way they watched this video at all.

if you don't want to take the time to do the moderating then pass it off to someone else like @TenkaTenka

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You don't even need to understand the game to know this run should never have been verified, let alone accepted at all - that's what this has come to now. If questionable moderator choices like this were a one time occurance I'd be quick to dismiss it but we've already seen a history of repeated neglect and apathy for a long time now and tbh it's just beyond a joke at this point.

I feel like It's clear that something needs to change and I'd like to remain optimisitc that perhaps with a new moderation direction that could be achieved. I look forward to seeing how the situation will resolve.

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LOL wow ok .. so I would have asked the run be rejected simply because of the reasons I stated previously.
But to make matters worse, the runner is cheating on top of that. You can see that the footage is artificially sped up during loading sequences. The obvious place being at 1:19. You can see the "Round 1, Fight" snaps into place way too quickly (something that can't be sped up by legitimately mashing buttons).

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Thanks for bringing this up and I would be happy to help moderate if the need arises.

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I am not sure why this run was accepted. you can clearly tell that this run is 1) cheated 2) on a mobile emulator 3) timed incorrectly 4) does not accurately represent lag of a snes. This is not fair to me and the others who have put the time into running this game. If modding this board is difficult, then please mod someone else to take over or help out. I myself would love to do this or if not me, then others like @TenkaTenka, @sprivenspriven, @HabbleHabble, or @DustyTokyoDustyTokyo. Even if it is someone else, then please, all we want is a board that we all can be proud of. IMO this board needs a major overhaul. The rules are vague, most platforms are put together, when clearly there needs to be separation, forums getting ignored, and the plus two months to accept a run is not good. It is hard for the street fighter speedrun community to even run this game. Not saying that the boards of SFA and SFA3 are better, but at least there we provide cleans boards, rules, and fairness. None of the mods here have taken the time to talk to the community here, or in the discord that has been around for years. Please fix this, and if you need help there are those who can, myself included.

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due to the continued inactivity and this cheated run case site moderation has removed @skill8dskill8d from his moderation role, demoted the other inactive mods and @TenkaTenka was added to sort out a new moderation team.

I hope your community can restore the leaderboard. If any other assistance is required feel free to reach out to me.

Best of luck,

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wanted to thank you shadowdraft for your assistance

i wish the new mod team good luck and fair gameplay for all new world records that may arise

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