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Due to some recent findings by Fling84, the -33.5 second delay on the timer you use (LiveSplit, XSplit, Llanfair, etc.) that was commonly accepted for all runs is no longer accurate for Level 2 and Level 3 Corneria.

What we have identified as the frame where you gain control is the first frame you are able to boost when holding the button down. The moment you should start your backwards timer is on the debriefing screen where General Pepper is giving you a rundown of Corneria, where pressing Start/A/B will initiate him saying "Good luck!".

For all warp runs (which start in Level 1 Corneria) and Level 1 Warpless runs (which also start in Level 1 Corneria), the timer delay should still be -33.5 seconds because that is accurate.

For all Level 2 Warpless runs the timer delay should be -34 seconds instead of -33.5 because the frame where you gain control of your Arwing seems to be half a second later on this route (due to a slightly longer intro animation when you exit the tunnel).

Lastly, for all Level 3 Warpless runs the timer delay should be -33.75 seconds instead of -33.5 for similar reasons to the Level 2 Warpless run.

Here is a link to Fling84's video explaining his testing process and what I just explained above in higher detail. Please take a look if you are interested, and also please let us know if you find anything that may need to be changed based on your own testing.

P.S. After counting the exact frames, it does seem to be a 10th of a second off in some cases though for the sake of consistency, I propose we round it to the nearest 1/4 of a second, albeit -33.5 for Level 1 Warpless and all Warp runs, -34 for all Level 2 Warpless runs and -33.75 for all Level 3 Warpless runs.

Thank you guys very much for reading and please let me know of anything you think down below.

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Awesome, thank you for mentioning that you counted frames to confirm, I really appreciate it. I hadn't gotten around to it in that video yet and was just coming here to mention it. As I mention at some point in the video, -34 seconds and -33.75 seconds were numbers I pulled out of thin-air but seemed to be pretty accurate. The route 3 change to -33.75 is probably the least important, but definitely the -34 change for route 2 would be good for everyone to do.

And definitely rounding to the nearest 1/4 second makes sense. Since we're talking about timers that have to be started/stopped manually, there's always going to be some inherent human error involved anyway. In the event that there was some real issue with anyone's run time we'd be looking at the entire length of the video and counting frames anyways.

The on-stream/video timer is just a convenience for the runner and viewer, but making these small adjustments to the delayed start timer helps keep those timers that much more accurate. 🙂

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Right on. Now I don't use a delayed timer. I just hit the timer when the boost hits. So as long as I hit at the same time as the boost, I'm good right?


Yeah, definitely. This really just applies to the people who use the backwards timer.

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Updating this to include timing for the SNES Classic and Switch Online versions

For SNES Classic, on all routes/paths, a delayed timer should be set to -33 seconds.

For Switch Online, on all routes/paths, a delayed timer should be set to -34.25 seconds.

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