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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to ask if we could get a new category. I've taken an interest in running all levels, back to back to back, but in one combined split timer, such as Level 1 through Level 3, all warpless, any%.

Start begins the same as all other required runs for Level 1 warpless (-33.5 start timer) and final split for all the runs ends when you hit Andross. There's an intermission after level 1 and 2 to allow for the percentages and resetting the game, and I reset after the boss montage of each run, when "Star Fox and Presented by Nintendo" are on screen.

Thanks for your time. 🙂

edit: Doesn't include OotD or Black hole (of course)

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I recall having a conversation about this a while ago and it does sound like a neat idea but I'd rather other mods for this game and runners weigh in


I'm down for a new category, as I was thinking about doing something like this myself.

I do suggest the reset point be after Andross fades away to black at the end of the boss montage, or after the percentage screen fades away before the boss montage starts, and end time be like all other runs, when you lose control of your arwing after defeating Andross.

The category name could be something like All Routes rather than all levels since we're not completing OOTD or Black Hole, but we can discuss that.

Just my two cents.

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I just call it all levels because the game defines each "route" as a level. I believe the game calls each planet/area a stage.

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I do have a full run ready to submit, should this be accepted. 🙂


I agree with Down's suggestion about this new category and the reset point. This definitely sounds like a fantastic idea and I'm all for it!


Agree that this would be a great addition. I'd personally be fine with any reset point between routes so long as it's after the score is shown. As has been suggested already, perhaps either the fade out before the boss montage starts or the fadeout after that or at the first bit of text in the final credits, or whatever really. Not too picky, just the important part is obviously showing the percentage IMHO (in case someone wants to start doing a 100% version of the run, then at least everyone is already in the habit of letting the score being displayed before resetting. 🙂 )


Hello. A person who has recently been interested in speedrun. How about something like this as a reference for a new category?

"Regulation for SNES Classic Switch Version" All Level 100% ""


① Timer start
"The moment you select" Game "on the control selection screen"

Timer stop
"The moment when the score of Venom for the third time is displayed as 100%"

(2) At the start of measurement, there are no four interrupted saves.

③ After the start of measurement, it is OK to use interrupt save.

Speed ​​run is performed according to the above rules.

This is the video I actually played. please refer. ""

Regarding the timer stop, I saw the movie on this site and thought that it would be okay to change it after defeating Andorf.

Sorry for the poor English sentence.

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