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I have created an Auto Splitter and Load Remover for SN2, of course with all of these there is some testing that needs to be done before it gets added to the resources tab. Basically, we're just trying to see if it works for everyone. This will only work for the current patch from steam and any retail copies will not work.
This comes with an auto starter, splitter, and reset function. You have the ability within livesplit to remove certain splits if you would enjoy changing those. You also have the ability to turn off autostart.

Look at latest reply for links

Some FAQ:
Q: How do I put the load remover into livesplit?

Q: I have put it inside livesplit, but it isn't showing settings?
A: After you closed out of the settings for livesplit, restart livesplit; sometimes it doesn't read it until it resets.

Q: In game it is not starting when I go into the first level?
A: Most cases is you started the game inside the level select screen, then livesplit. When you start the game you want to open livesplit when you are still in the menu select screen because that is the easiest way for me to make a pointer.

Q: Why is there no option for the first level in the splits?
A: The way I do auto splitters is I use the first level as an auto starter, so if I did have the first mission as an option, it would split 2 times instantly so I just avoid it this way.

Q: I have done all of the other questions but it still is not doing anything for me?
A: The best case scenario is you're on the wrong version, or the auto splitter is messed up and I need to fix it. Just message me here or discord so I have the ability to work on it and fix any kinks it may have. I just like to rule out everything else before I have to do a massive change to the auto splitter.

Also, Please make sure you have every file verified because if you are missing a certain level exec the load remover will not work.

If this does work out, I will have it added to the auto splitter list on livesplit's asl file so you guys won't have to download it from here anymore

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Only did a small bit of testing but here's a few issues I found:

Timer starts only when first level starts, current timing start when the difficulty is selected.
Timer is paused during all "non-gameplay" sections, such as pause menu, post-level menu, pre-level weapon selection screen (it loads until the Start Game button is available, but afterwards it shouldn't count as loading) and level fail screen.

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There isn't much to fix that sadly. Especially for selecting off of difficulty. Most games change how they work based on actual loading times and not on the bases of specific parts, but idk I will work on it, but there isn't much I can do there besides removing pause menus and level failed screens


I have removed the old link because the load remover has been changed to match what Powdinet has told me. I am unsure what you guys want as a community standard so, Kill screens, pause menus, and end of level reports are all counted against you because they do not count as loads, but the load screens will not count and they will not start until you load into the level, but I wouldn't abuse this; it's supposed to allow you to have time to change loadouts.



Originally posted by KunoDemetriesit's supposed to allow you to have time to change loadouts.

If the user has control, the timer should be running. It's as easy as that. I don't know if the in-game level timer is started during the loadout screen, because that would be debatable, but during an Any% run the timer absolutely shouldn't be paused there.

Haven't had a chance to try it out yet, will give it a go soon.


Control of what exactly, because then you should be timed for even starting the game because you have control of menus, it's to allow time to change loadouts; I am not going to change it because I have already moved onto other games, but I'll come back to it if it's an actual problem. Also, "easy as that" the other 20 games I've made these for all said loadout changes should not be counted, it's only this games whom has had a problem with allowing it, also there is no consistent load that I've found that even starts the timer when the loading is done; so IDK what you guys would like in that sense because I have yet to find an actual code that unpauses the moment loading is done aka when you don't click start level.

Also, just a little side note; any% is already messed up in that sense cause you start timer on selecting difficulty and not actually controlling the player; in which causes inconsistencies from every pc cause of load time differences.