Skype group?
9 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

In order to get the somewhat small Ty speedrunning community more united, I think we should all get into a skype group. It allows people to communicate easily, set up races, share strategies, and generally help each other out. Im in a skype group for the Pac-Man series and it helps out a lot. If anyone agrees, say so, and we can try to work something out.

Colorado, USA

I created a group over 2 years ago. I'm not in it anymore, but it had 20 or so people in it. If anything, ask SuperPokeOffice about it, he was one person I remember being in there.

Oregon, USA

There used to be a Skype group however it kinda died a long time ago. I just tried to search for it on my Skype and the last message in it is so old that Skype won't let me find it. For the most part people just idle in #Ty on the SRL IRC.

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