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Sunshine Secret Book 64 - SM64 ROM Hack

-5 All new levels + new hub world -40 Shines to collect, requires 30 stars to beat the game -SM64 ROM hack by GomePlayTV



So far, Tomatobird8, Waluigi hacker and Thiago Diamond Gold have played through this ROM hack. Tomatobird8: Waluigi hacker: Thiago Diamond Gold:

Tomatobird8 got a time of around 2h 4m 52s just playing through casually.

Thiago Diamond Gold got a time of 1h 3m 35s in the 40 star category.


Enter the magical realm of the mysterious Secret Book of Super Mario Sunshine! As Mario arrives, he notices that most of the Shine Power is being usurped, and the Secret Book is in danger... Could Bowser be the cause of this?

My Speedruns so far:


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Can you add Sunshine Secret Book 64

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I'd like to request Super Event Horizon, a 30 star hack made by SheeshFr. This hack has 8 courses that can be accessed by the hub world. Download: https://mega.nz/#!fKomgKjJ!4vlhmCA3lClex18m6-HlCVXF35AWWCHivPxy4ojrsPM


  • 20 Star
  • 0 Star (done by bypassing the 20 star door by simply walking through the wall next to it)

My Singlestar Compilation:

20 star speedrun by SheeshFr:

0 star speedrun by Toxtricity Brothers:

Release Trailer:

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Can someone add Super oofio 64?


Can someone please add Mario Party 64? It's a 70 star hack made by MrComit, inspired by the minigames of Mario Party 1. Categories: -35 star -70 star Download V1.02: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cfjSTYBesrbSwlfEK3kZhI4dVVvqez5j/view?usp=sharing


Gameplay by Thiago Diamond Gold:

Gameplay by Waluigi Hacker:

Gameplay by Snooplax:

-COURSES- DK's Jungle Adventure, Peach's Birthday Cake, Yoshi's Tropical Island, Wario's Battle Canyon, Luigi's Engine Room, Mario's Rainbow Castle, Bowser's Magma Mountain, Eternal Star

-MINIGAMES- Balloon Burst, Coin Block Blitz, Hot Rope Jump, Mushroom Mix-Up, Platform Peril, Skateboard Scamper, Tipsy Tourney, Treasure Divers, Bash 'n' Cash, Tug o' War, Bobsled Run, Bombsketball, Handcar Havoc, Ghost Guess, Knock Block Tower, Limbo Dance, Memory Match, Pedal Power, Teetering Towers, Whack-a-Plant

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Could You please add Super Yeezus 64? a link is here with all the info https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4233/ Categories would be the same as a normal sm64 run my run is here for 16 star:


-Informations: Hey! I want to submit a ROM Hack made by Drahnokks that merge SM64 with Kirby Squeak Squad called: Squeak Squad Star Stealers. -Categories: This is a linear short hack so there's only a any%, that could be called 4 Squeaks. -Link to the trailer + download: -Link of my run: -Link of a TAS: -The title screen of the hack: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mario64hacks/images/b/bc/SSSS_Titlescreen.png/revision/latest?cb=20190906042731

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I request Super Mario Treasure World:Dream Edition. Categories:38 stars

My run

Akuro's run


Hack Name: Pewdiepie vs Tseries 64 categories any%

my run:


@koma Mario Odyssey 64

  • 80 Moon run by @conmangamer22:
  • 30 Moons (any%) run by @CappyChu:

name: crudelo sphere 2 categories: i would suggest 5 star ( all stars except reds and 100s) and 7 star (all stars) video: havent done a run yet

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Name: Another Mario Adventure (Demo) Creator Aglab2 Categories: 0 Star, 2 Star 0 Star: 2 Star:

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Colorado, USA

Super Mario 64 Splitscreen The Category's are 0 Star, 1 Star, 9 Star, 31 Star, 50 Star, 70 Star and 120 Star (and 2 misc. category's, being 1p2c and 16 Star)

Vid 1:

Vid 2: if someone does a run please tell me (kazes playthrough does not count)

Logo: http://imgur.com/gallery/quTLjzn

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Rom Hack: Termina Invasion Author: Reonu Release + Download: Categories: 0, 5 and 7 (100%) Stars / "Notes" 0 star WR is 3:54.39 by Quills - https://twitch.tv/quillsttv 5 star WR: none yet 7 star WR: none yet

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Connecticut, USA

Can you add Breaking the Barrier?

New Jersey, USA

Could you add Danganronpa 64? (DEMO)


Name: Seaside Village Creator: 64Modder Categories: 7 star(any%) Runs:


i wanna add Project 95X, it has a any% (any Stars) and 100% (all Stars). Video Number 1 : Video Number 2 : Cover : https://mega.nz/file/tVlQAQ5C#isSYNmedFMHQqIuuvffWWNyGyMv9pGMONitG2AoGSIM


Name: Breaking the Barrier Creator: Marionova Category: All Doors% (there will be otherS)

South Carolina, USA

I'd like to request Super Mario 64: Render96 to be added to the rom hack leaderboards.

The creators of the hack are the Render96 team. (This was a multi-individual project, and from my understanding, each member has remained anonymous.)

There are multiple additions to the hack, such as cheats, Super Mario Odyssey movement, an extended moveset, and even Luigi as an unlockable and playable character.

There could be a vast amount of categories for the game, including 0-120 star with either Mario or Luigi, BLJ%, Odyssey Movement, Extended Moveset, and Luigi Unlock%, which is the run I did in the video.

My run request video is below: