Where did threads go?
10 months ago
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As evidenced by the WayBack Machine, various forums have lost their archived threads. Either there is some site issue or the forums are being deleted. Neither of these are good. MGS1, Twin Snakes, VR1 and MGS2PC as comparison points below.











If all forum threads are being deleted, this should not happen. No one should have to rely on the Wayback machine to reference what was discussed previously on a MG forum for over 5+ years. To me, threads should only be deleted if they are spam accounts or clearly offtopic. This is particularly true now that communication about what should or should not happen to a particular speedgame's rules occur primarily on SRDC.


I'd like to be at least informed by other mods when someone wants to clean house beforehand so we can note down any significant decisions and where they stood.

And yeah I don't see the point of deleting old threads, let them sit online for all I care.

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Agreed, forums shouldn't be deleted. It contains years of the progression of the boards, showing where runners stood on certain topics in the past and so on. Some of them include basic information that a new runner might find benefitial.

Seattle, WA, USA

I know this is a month old but it actually annoys me how no response was given by the one who deleted them, and not only that but the entire fiasco with muh "board accuracy" only to have those threads wiped.

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