New MKW/MK8 moderators sought
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New MKW/MK8 moderators sought
Massachusetts, USA

It was recently brought to my attention that King is no longer interested in moderating the Mario Kart leaderboards. Given that he was the main person who took care of the Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 leaderboards, there is now a vacancy for moderating these leaderboards. The idea is to get two or three new mods to handle MKW and/or MK8.

Ideally, new mods would be:

  • mature. As a leaderboard mod, you're a representative of the Mario Kart speedrunning community. Behaving inappropriately (be it on the forum here or elsewhere) deteriorates discussion, and reflects poorly on the community as a whole. Personally, I think this is the most important trait to have, as cheesy as it may sound.
  • available. You should have time to check the site to approve runs every two or three days (this doesn't take very long). You should also have time to check the forum and respond to discussion once or twice a week (this takes longer).
  • knowledgeable. You should be well-acquainted with leaderboard rules, game mechanics, strats, outside resources, etc. This is for matters such as approving runs, debating changes, as well as helping new players out.
  • pre-established. This is perhaps the less important point, but you should (again, ideally) already be someone other runners know and respect. This makes many things easier, such as justifying your promotion to mod, intervening in debates, and contacting people.

If you're interested, post in this thread with some reasoning as to why you'd be a good pick for mod, and mention which game(s) you're interested in modding.

I know this may seem a bit over-the-top, but my goal is to maintain the quality of the leaderboards. If you have any issues with this or any other aspect of the Mario Kart series on, feel free to let me know.

Edit: I'm going to leave this open for a few days before I work through the applications. I will consult other people to make a decision, as I am not as familiar with the MKW/MK8 communities as I am with the others. If you have an opinion on someone else's application, feel free to post it here.


Hi Lafungo,

I have shown you my interest in mod before and I'd like to offer my help to moderate the MK8 Leaderboards! I am already a mod in the Ocarina Of Time leaderboards so I already have the experience of moderating and I'm also pretty active on this website. I'm quite knowledgable about the game since I run it myself. We have a skype group for the MK8 speedrunners, so most of the guys know eachother. Thus, I think I'm quite suited to moderate the MK8 section.

I'd like to see your response.

New Jersey, USA

Hello, I am Pokemon73, I have been playing Mario Kart since I got my DS Lite, and have loved it ever since, I would love to moderate these two games, even if I have very slim chances of getting mod, it never hurts to try, and I even speed run mkw/mk8 and I'm waiting for my runs to be accepted! But I'll make sure all runs in there have some sort of proof, due to the fact that everyone deserves a chance, but no trolls are allowed here

Thank you

Chicago, IL, USA

Hi Lafungo,

I have been noticing for quite a bit that runs take forever to go through and I'm glad a mod position has opened up. I often look at quite a bit and, although new to the speedrun community in general. I started watching things in November/December and actually starting to do runs of my first game in May, which was actually Mario Kart 8. Although I have only talked to a few fellow members of the MK8 community, I'm not in the Skype group as i am quite shy and such. Sadly I'm not extremely familiar with the MKWii community, but that's not my game anyway :P. I still do MK8 runs as much as possible but I'm also learning the Super Mario Galaxy games and school is also eating a large chunk of my time. However, I still have a great amount to time to play games as well. All in all, I want to be able to attempt to commit to the community a lot more than i have before, interacting with other runners. If you select a different community member for the role, that is actually great. There are plenty of other great members who deserve the role and have plenty of more time to commit to the role. :D

Maryland, USA

Hello, I would like to be a MKWii moderator. According to Chrome, this is my most viewed website. I rarely post on forums and when I do, it's good. I know lots of strats for MKWii and I love watching all runs. I'm more known by Mk8 runners then other games. If not me, I vouch BlazeFlareon and Sniping

EDIT: I was the one who brought it to your attention :P

Massachusetts, USA

I'd like to apologize for all of the recent inconveniences with my lack of moderation and poor attitude lately. I've been acting pretty immature and lazy when it comes to moderating and there really isn't an excuse for it. I know a lot of people may be frustrated as they just simply want to see their time on a leaderboard and I haven't been giving them that. I've decided it's probably best for everyone that someone that both runs and would update the games more than me is put in as moderator, as my laziness has been tolerated for too long at this point. As long as the community is okay with and/or agrees with who is put as moderator, it's fine with me. Thanks to all of you for being so patient with me over the past months. I'll probably still give my two cents if any debates are brought up so I'll be around. I'll try to actually update some runs before I go inactive.

I'm happy to stay as mod just in case I'm needed for something or I actually feel like updating runs if everyone is okay with that. If not, that's fine.

Thanks again for everything and good luck with your runs ;)

Maryland, USA

Will mods be chosen soon? I'm a bit impatient

Oklahoma, USA

BlazeFlareon deserves it

Massachusetts, USA

Sorry for the delay, I got caught up in the start of the academic year.

Upon consideration of those who applied, I've decided to add SnipinG117 and BlazeFlareon as mods for MK8, and TheCrazyCroco as mod for MKW. I look forward to working with you guys to maintain the quality of the Mario Kart leaderboards. If you have Skype, you can add me there (my username is the same as here).

I'm leaving applications for MKW mod open, as I think it would be a good idea to have a second one.

British Columbia, Canada

Hello, ive been playing Mario Kart Wii since the year it was released, I know bassicaly everything to do with MKWII such as the physic and mechanics, it would be super good if I could be a moderator for this game

Flintshire, Wales

I've been interested in moderating Mario kart Wii (And the others too but not as serious) for a while and have been playing it for a very long time as well. Am known in the community (Especial to those that visit Toms stream or that watched the Diamond marathon as I ran the game in that. I'm very good with watching runs and honestly enjoy it as much as I do running the game itself and feel this would help for any and all submissions to this game and even the series as a whole if required. I'm no amazing runner but am interested in becoming a moderator. No worries if you choose to ignore this or say no I'm just letting you know i'm very interested and willing to do my best^^


Texas, USA

I would love to be a moderator for either game, or both. There are some things that I feel need to be added/changed (i.e. Single Level Time Trials), and if some of those things (especially Time Trials) were added, I would be more likely to run the games.

Massachusetts, USA

Hey Ninjas, I apologize for the late response. I admit that I completely forgot about your post. I talked about your application with Croco and we both agreed to mod you. Welcome on board!

As for MarioManTAW, Time Trials will not be added to If you're interested in them, there's already the Player's Page, which implements Time Trials leaderboards far better than anything we can do here.

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California, USA

Dunno if any of you guys are still alive or active in reading this. I could consider moderating and checking out the boards, times, etc.

I've played the game awhile, ran it myself, am knowing of how the game runs and all that. If you guys really need open and actively checking mods I certainly wouldnt mind it.

I still need to improve my so-so times on here as well as a runner. I feel like my times are garbage given how long it's been.


I would like to have the opportunity to be a moderator on this thread.


I know this thread is a year old but I would like to be a moderator for MKW. I believe I would be a good fit since I have extensive game knowledge and knowledge of loading times. I would not remove the obvious iso times but instead adjust them based on length of run, (this is based on the fact that iso's were not banned 1+ year ago on cup runs) also i believe we need to set standards for the lesser ran categories.

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Hi Lafungo, I just realised that this thread existed and I would really be interested in becoming a Mod in MKW as I have seen that o You, CrazyCroco and Jcool are the only active mods nowadays. I am aware that this thread is super old and I haven't really done Any runs in the game but I really like It and know a lot about it(strats and more). I watch a lot of vídeos and I know a lot about the MKW Comunity and about the official tracks. Even though I don't really comment in forums, MKW is the game I know the most about. I really have a lot of free time and I am active daily on this website So it may be a good idea because usually runs take 1-2 weeks to be approved. I would really appreciate if Any of the mods answer to this post. Thanks for taking your time on reading this

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New South Wales, Australia

do you need to have run one of the mario kart games to be a mod?

Do you guys still need mods?


Hi Lafungo, i've seen your reply in the thread "Backlog of runs in verification", i would like to moderate the Mario Kart 7 speedrunning community, i'm very active in terms of Speedrunning. I have lot of free time to have this responsability (sometimes no because of school). And i would like to improve this speedrunning community. I'm my opinion there should be two mores moderators in case something happen.

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