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I went ahead and deleted my run from the leader boards. I was watching my run and realized my load times are insanely faster than runs done on the PS2. Unless anyone disagrees, I'm going to change the rules to ban emulators.

If you know of an emulator that runs true load times, I'd love to allow that.


You can make a separate category for emu if you want, I'd hate to stop people from running the game because they don't have a ps2.


For that matter, what would you consider an "emulated" run outside the obvious PC choices. Would you count PS3 (launch editions obviously) runs as emulated?


a lot of games have made separate categories for each system. (KH1) Can you actually play seek and destroy on different consoles?


From what I know of the game, no. And playing a disk on a ps3 is not going to change anything significantly compared to a ps2. Unless you used FDS on your PS2 ofc (but that's a whole 'nother issue). The issue would come up if this game had a downloadable version which I only think exists in PS2 emulator PC software.