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3 years ago
Connecticut, USA

new leaderboard for an old game, im open to suggestions on categories, or rules. if anyone is actually interested in running this game and has some ideas my ears are open

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So I was going to run this for the AVGN Trials (and still am). Since the board wasn't created at the time I added this game to the 'Trials, I was going to make a category up and just run that. That category was "Gillman%".

In Gillman%, you start an RTA and begin with a new game. You can time travel using the Dreamcast's internal RTC, but basically the end is the first frame of the first dialogue a Gillman says to you.

Just an idea, I'll likely run the Freedom% category for the Trials when this comes up (I'll likely be learning this sometime in 2022, possibly very soon).

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Connecticut, USA

gillman% is not a bad idea, and is a bit more easy to get some runs done, and make it less intimidating to approach. if you want to do a run, i will aswell and we can get a board going!

Queensland, Australia

one of the developers of this game happen to be JellyVision (the people who worked on you don't know jack). who are now known as jackbox games. this title counts as part of the Jackbox Games Series. the request here is to request the game be part of the jackbox games series. i still question this game to this day.

Connecticut, USA

thanks for your interest but seaman was originally created by yoot saito who worked for vivarium in japan. as for jellyvision, because a company helped localize a game, it does not make it part of a series they later created. the two games are not related in the slightest.

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