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Does it count as an emulator or a console if you play with it? 🤔


it would absolutely count as an emulator run, as the SNES Classic is literally an emulator in a box with a fancy GUI.

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Yeah i thought so. Ty Skav for the answering


Well wait a second there bud. The WiiVC is an emulator in a box too, SNESClassic is an in-house Nintendo console. Super Castlevania IV is 1 of only 2 titles on SNESClassic (out of the 21) that doesn't have it as a platform on Finally the NESClassic is an accepted platform for both CV games on it: Castlevania and Simon's Quest

Needs a re-think by the mods?


SnesClassic seems not to be the platform a speedruner is drawn to. The same goes for SNES NT. So far this are not banned emulators even the hardware emulated one. Sure it would wake attention if you get sub 35 runs with it. We have good WiiVC runners in the community and it was added a while back. SNES classic is not a banned emulator.. we could also talk about adding/banning the different emulators since they perform a bit different and may or may not have cheat protection futures. But why bother when there are no runners that lose a rank or have trouble with it. Do you know a single snes classic user right now at the leader board?

I think the mods will re-rethink when some show up. May be they clutter up the submission bar with things when we keep talking about it.


I wanted to add the SNESClassic as a console since I've seen that it's an option based on other games leaderboards, but I've never seen the checkbox for SNESClassic next to all of the other console choices when I go into 'Edit Game'.

Edit: Just found it after looking again now lol. I didn't see that you have to click the small box that says 'Show Obscure'. It's there now.