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I have a really old game called Scrapland and I want to play it on my Windows 10 laptop. I've read that it doesn't work because of the star force protection. Can I still somehow manage to run this game? I really liked it a decade ago on my Win Xp...



The version I have runs fine on Windows 10 …
Although it's a (full) version included in an issue of "Computer Bild Spiele" magazine which has no protection at all.

But yes … a quick google search reveals that the normal retail version doesn't work on Windows 10.

So you either get a Windows XP Virtual Machine (probably the easiest option‽)
or you try to find a copy of this magazin with the disc (I don't know if that's possible to find)
or you find some other way to get the executable without copy protection on it (which can legally be an issue)

I think (but I'm not sure) … if you get a protection-free version of the game in a different language … you can reuse the language files of the version you already have quite easily.

I really hope this game will at some point end up on … well …

If you need help feel free to contact me via discord (linked on my twitch page)


Thank you for your fast response!

I don't have a twitch account. Do I need one to use discord? You think a virtual XP console would run it, despite starforce?


No you don't need a Twitch account to use discord (but a discord account, which you easily can create) …
it's just that i don't wan't to spread my discord server link everywhere. So i just refer to my twitch page (the violet-white icon below my avatar here) and then there is a link below the stream-player under "Discord" on that page …

Would a XP Virtual Machine work? I think so, yes … not sure, never tried it, but
of course a protection free version would be better … but you are a bit out of options 😖


I can confirm that my version works in a Windows XP VirtualBox.
I had to install the 3D Drivers from the Guest-Additions via booting to Safe-Mode (F8 on boot of the VM)
and I had to disable the Mouse Pointer Integration …

In contrast to running it directly in Windows 10 i have some stuttering running it this way though …
But that might be because the Virtual Machine Settings were not ideal and I was running it in 1440p on highest settings …

I hope this Info helps …