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Is quicksaving and quickloading allowed for runs on the PC version? Allowing it would make the run more accessible,and it makes sense to because it's a built-in feature as opposed to a feature added in from a mod.

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I've thought about allowing it. Sadly you can't remap the binds. If you try, it just keeps them mapped to F5 and F8/9 (can't remember which).

EDIT: Nevermind, thought this was CT for a second lol. I don't own PT so I don't know if they're rebindable, I'd assume they are since it's the same engine as SC1.

I'd like to hear other's opinions as well.


Quicksave and quickload are on F5 and F8,not sure if there's a way to change it by editing a configuration file.


I found out you can change the quicksave/quickload keys, but in a config file instead of the menu. As you said, I'd like to to get the approval of the mods to allow qs/ql