I believe Any% (Realistic) should possibly be a separate category than normal Any%. Rules of normal Any% should remain as it currently is (anything goes), which is what my runs have followed (My difficulty was on easy). If there aren't 2 distinct categories I feel like KelticDave's run is not getting a fair shake.



I agree, unless I am missing something there's no 100% (Ghost) option like there was in the earlier versions of the game so it should just be several any% categories for each difficulty.

I've just recently looked through both yours and KelticDave's runs and noticed that you start your timer as soon as you select the difficulty etc from the menu where-as KelticDave started his once he gained control of Sam a minute later.


Is there a way we can have these separated, and that way KelticDave can get the 1st place/credit he deserves?


I think one of the moderators can do it if we can manage to contact one. I was hoping one of them would see this thread, but I guess I'll see if I can't message one on Twitch. Oh and about the run timing, I'm ok with doing it either way. Maybe a moderator can put run timing and when the timer should start in the rules section. To me it seems more consistent though to start the timer when you first click play though rather than when you first gain control.


Yeh it'd be nice if we could get different categories setup for whatever difficulty setting someone is running.

There doesn't seem to be any rules set out for when to start and end a run.

Chaos Theory's rules state the time starts when you gain control and Sam, but based on the fact you have the little 'move mouse up' calibration thing at the cafe I agree that starting the timer when you click play is best and this is what I've been doing too.

This will mean we won't have to be processing multiple actions at once (moving the mouse up, starting the timer, and on occasion telling the game not to invert controls) all of which would happen at once.


The CT rules don't necessarily apply here, frizbe.
I'll set the rules here for you guys, but considering CT has no calibration and you can run as soon as you start the first mission at the lighthouse, that will have to remain unchanged. :I


Oh yeh I wasn't trying to suggest all rules should be the same across the series, I should have used a better example.

But thank you for adding rules to this game.


I just want to know if someone is able to add categories of run on this game???

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Yeah I don't understand why any% realistic ain't a catergory, seems an easy thing to implement

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