Falling Block Jump / Pet Suicide strat

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Im thinking about a better name lol.

You can use that to enter in Bonus Stage playing with one player in stage 1-2.
This can be used in other stages (like 1-6) but 1-2 is the best option for a good run.

You need:
1. Pet
2. You cant have Wall Pass

How it works:
Kill your pet and enter in the block at the same time. If you do that you will jump in the direction you are facing.
In stage 1-2 depends about the Falling Block RNG to fall in the right place. You will need to kill yourself and in the same time the block needs to appear below you.
Block appears about 20~21 seconds after the stage start.


You can do the same in stage 1-6 using Angora to clip in the blocks and suicide after that.