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As of now (and a few months ago), the YouTuber known as Loan Shark Joe has achieved the newest world record with a 58:09.

He is currently banned from after his incident that you can find more info about in this video


His old times from Resident Evil games are still up on their respective leaderboards. Why was this one removed?


he was banned BEFORE getting the WR, so he's incapable to post his time
although I tried to make the 'MoneyFishJoeseph' account to try and keep his runs up, that account got its runs taken down
But this forum still deserves to stay up, to prove that Loan Shark Joe owns the current world record, even though it's incapable of being on the leaderboards


Ill try submit it on his behalf now. I thought he could still submit

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uhhh why this got 11 million views? (Sorry for being so off-topic)


because people really like joe. and this is constantly concerning his fans

having a banned account that can't post runs is constantly annoying
imagine spending hours upon hours running a game, and you're not allowed to post runs... it'd be pretty agitating


btw, uhTrance, can you fix update the IL runs
I know Joe has some WRs


wht 17 million view
like imposible


And now, 23576903 views with my donation badge! 😎 (The 6 pending runs are from obsoleted pending runs from Toki Tori (Remake) made by another mod and my second Toki Tori speedrunner)


loan shark joe has a wr btw