Episode 2 notes

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This is not a guide per say, just a set of phrases in order to remind players of what to do in what order.

Play through intro nightmare
-chest, puzzle box
-leave treehouse

- select "I need your help"
-go to larry's room and get the antenna from the police reciever
-go back to 202, go to todd and give him the antenna and walkie talkie
-talk to greg

- go to b1, and use the sgb in larry's kitchen. then go to the treehouse and use the sgb there.
-go to 102, and use the sgb on ms rosenberg.
-go back to 202 and talk to todd
-go to b1 and check the shelf with the box under it for the necklace
-when talking with megan, choose option 3 all 3 times
-talk to david in 302, and choose option 1
-for CJ's radio, select 82.3, which is 3 to the right
-for Z's game, select telephone, which is 4 to the right
-for Sierra, select chess tournament
-talk to david, then ask about the crowbar again

-go to 504, and open the door with the crowbar
-go into the hole in the wall, then use the sgb on the noose

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