I want a speedrun category, Sonic 3 AIR Hard Mode. Let me explain, I once saw a Sonic 3 AIR mod where it's Sonic 3 AIR. But HARDER. Less rings, 0 checkpoints, A lot of dick moves, ZERO live boxes, and it seems that the creator of the mod didn't do all the zones so it becomes easier as you pogress so yeah. Mods if you see this PLEASE add my suggestion I would love to see speedruns of people playing the hardmode mod by Eggdipie on Gamebanana

United Kingdom

Hey! While mods like Hard Mode are a great challenge for players and speedrunners alike, it won't be added to this board as this is for base categories included in the game.

While it could be considered for the CatEx board, the liklihood is that it won't be added. Firstly, there needs to be clear demand from multiple people for a board/category to be added (with completed runs etc.), and while challenge runs are very entertaining, they don't always make the best speedruns.

Thank you for the suggestion, but as of right now, this won't be added here. However, you could always look to create a Google sheets document with times and links to videos for those that have completed it as a speedrun if you wanted to!

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Good idea,probably do a speedrun...

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