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I have added "Sonic or Tails" as a new category on trial. If after a few months it appears to be inactive it will be deleted again.

The Sonic or Tails/run changes a couple stages from the normal run as well as potentially being more beginner friendly (not counting CP1 haha). When I have time I'll post a video with a route to help people out with getting familiar with it.

I highly recommend using Tails for this category, if nothing else because he's really cute!

Feel free to discuss what you think of this new change.


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Looks like it could be a fun idea! Is there a way to add a specific flair to the category that signifies which character is being used? If yes, would you consider adding it? I think it would be a good addition.


Unfortunately this doesn't seem possible without adding a subcategory that the filter defaults to. If that changed then yes it could be added without issues.

EDIT: Nevemind I solved it haha


yes Mathew. the trial period ended. there was not enough support to keep the category around, at least separate from the main category.


Visiting this leaderboard for the first time in a few weeks, I just saw that the single-character category has been removed. That's disappointing; I hadn't submitted any runs yet, but I've been doing Character Alone runs as I don't really like relying on manipulating Tails.

But having said that, I've only been doing glitchless runs (as an entirely self-imposed restriction, not because I expect it to be added as a leaderboard category any time soon). So the absence of a single-character category isn't putting me at any more of a disadvantage than I already was, since I'm pretty sure the difference in times between a glitchy run and a glitchless one will always be greater than the difference in times between a Sonic Alone run and a Sonic & Tails run.

Now I'd better start practising how to get Tails to land on those Metropolis bolts at the same time as Sonic, I suppose...


I'm not sure what you mean, the rules specify that you can use any combination of Sonic + Tails / Sonic / Tails for a run.