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I just got my hands on a US PRG0 Rygar cart, the version you need to be able to do the Any% route, aka bounce off the red bats.

Just wanted to document it so hopefully people will be able to identify more of them.

So from what I've been able to tell, they are for sure a 5 screw. On the back label the will not be an "A" stamped into the upper right corner, if it has an "A" there it will not work. And not sure if it's guaranteed, but the front label of this one does not have 'Made in Japan' printed in the bottom left corner. And of course the board inside says NES-RY-0 PRG, that is the correct version.

The only way to be absolutely sure it's the right version would be to open up a cart and check, but again, the other possibly identifiable characteristics are

-5 Screw
-No "A" stamped on back label (I think this is the biggest tell)
-No 'Made in Japan' on front label

Pics of the cart

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Awesome man. Very cool of you to do this for the sake of documenting it.

Since I had ordered a five screw myself the other day; if there is any deviance from your cart ill post my findings.

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Nice job though WhiteHat, how hard did you need to look?


Not very hard, I just looked on ebay and messaged 2 people asking if the cart had an 'A' on the back, one said yes and one said no, so I got the one that said no. So just look for 5 screws and then ask if it has an 'A' on the back label, that's all I did

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I tried a bunch and the ones that responded all had A's but I didn't realllllly try that hard. Got a working converter and a jp cart so i'm good to go... eventually.

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