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Hey everyone,

I just started getting back into casual speedtuns and wanted to get into a new game (had previous run yo noid) and wanted to do rygar.

I watched whitehats video and had 2 questions:

Is the first wall clip essentially a perfectly timed jump? I was able to do it, but very inconsistent

In Rolsa, how do you do the edge move where you duck and shift right to make the jump? I tried multiple strats and couldnt figure it out

Thanks !!


For the wall clip it's two parts:
- First, make the same starting jumps, plus an additional jump when you hit the ground.
- Then when Rygar's face touches the rope you jump to the wall.

What you see in Rolsa is called "air walk". There are some videos/notes about that on Tasvideos but essentially you prioritize holding down but release it briefly to hit the left/right direction. Repeat this rhythm to get across but the moment you let go of down for too long you will fall.

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What do you mean by the same starting jumps? Are you referring to in the previous 2 areas beforehand?


To make the first clip more repeatable you can look at mine. Basically if you jump at the same point before the boss do a quick pause at the same point over the boss you can force the shots to come out at specific times (usually) you can use different points of jumps to get it to still work. But they go together, earlier jump, earlier pause etc.

May need to delay in order for boss not to turn around and smack you before jump.


Whitehat jumps at a specific point and then moves when the shot reaches a certain point (I think).


I thought by wall clip you meant the one where you zip through the wall in the second screen. You just have to repeat the same jumps in the second screen (you can use Whitehat's run for reference).

As for the Eruga wrong warp, the tutorial WhiteHat made goes over his positioning.


Syn, I was referring to the wall clip at the beginning of the game. I was also able to get the air walk to work a little, so more practice will help.

Shining, I completed my first play last night and man did I struggle with the first boss clip (the 2 headed guy) I kept going slightly too late and just hitting the wall.

I figured out the 2nd boss clip, you had to "die" through the door, right?

Lastly, when getting the star stones, how many/what sequence do you need? Get 8 or 9 then once a the one that gets you to 10 shows up use assault and assail and grab the stone so you can use it twice? Is that the proper strat?


When it comes to farming stars (for the easier Ligar fight):

- Farm till you get 7 stars
- Wait for a 3 star drop, leave it on screen
- Cast attack and assail
- Pick up the 3 pack drop you left on screen (you use one hit of the attack/assail)

At this point you head to the Ligar fight. You'll have 9 attack/assail to start, and 5 mind points still in your inventory. So you can cast attack/assail again after the 9 hits giving you a total of 19 attack/assail hits.


That's what I've been doing for the farming stars. I usually end up having to manually hit the boss 2-3 times after.

Also, tip for jumping back to the boss entrance after farming? He keep getting all jammed up and I RIP run.


So, been streaming my grind at learning this and did my first official time. 10:48, lot of time on the first boss glitch and grinding stars, but those 2 jumps outside the final boss scare me lol. Not sure if I should submit or at least grind to a sub 10.

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I blew 2 runs tonight on the last boss that would've netted me an 8:30.. getting better for sure


The last jumps are very tight; I think you have 2 pixels to work with so expect to miss there sometimes.

As for Ligar, it’s OK to farm more tone/kill more enemies to ensure you can kill him/finish runs. As you improve you can dial back the Tone/farming. Keep in mind Ligar is hard - hence why attack/assail is abused as much as possible.

I think it takes around 35 seconds from farming to walk and kill Ligar so you can gauge when it’s go time that even has a chance of PB


Sometimes when I get to that grinding spot, the enemy there won't despawn. Is there a way to prevent/fix that? I had a 5:30 getting to that spot and couldnt get him to despawn


I don't know specifics as to why that enemy doesn't despawn, I just know if you approach from the right side you have a better chance of despawning the enemy then if you approach from the left. And regardless of which side is faster, that despawn is crucial hence why you'll see runners going right side.


From my experience if you go to far down when despawning him he will spawn again on your way up and not be able to be despawned. I find that that you want to go back up the very moment he depawns. I'm do not know for sure if this is the case but it has worked well for me coming both from the right and the left. I will put it in the TAS and see.


OK after a quick check with the TAS. If you travel too far down he will respawn when you go back up and not be able to despawn. its only 12 pixels so it is not that hard to go too far down. You do have to pass through another invisible wall so if you stop wiggling towards the end right when he is about to despawn the wall will stop you from going down too far. Just remember to hold up the moment you see him despawn and you should be good. I will agree with sYn that this is easier on the right side.