Is airwalking considered a glitch?
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Is airwalking considered a glitch?
Rochester, NY, USA

I'm interested in running the 100% damageless glitchless category during Rygtoberfest 2022 and it's pretty clear what you can't do (wrong warps, swag slides), but I'm not sure about airwalks. Any thoughts on if airwalks qualify as a glitch? Just want to make sure I don't invalidate a run.

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Washington, USA

I don't think the airwalking is intended by the developers (not that this is the only criterion for what constitutes a glitch) so I would tend to put it in the 'glitch' category.

Rochester, NY, USA

Yeah, I was going to say that I think it would be a glitch because it allows you to make jumps that shouldn't be possible.

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Maryland, USA

Correct. You are basically standing on phantom pixel or something to that effect. The platform you are air walking on doesn't truly exist. Only due to a glitch are you able to stand in that manner. Need at least one category where you don't have to break a controller lol.

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