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So, I was practising so that I could try and take back the crown, and had a bit of a thought with the rules. The rules are quite vague in when to start and stop, so two things could be done.

1) Runner has already unlocked other difficulties
2) Runner could build a robot using cheat codes

While both don't break the game per-se, this can also have some other effect. I was wondering if this would work as a change to the rules, to not only make it clearer, but also so the rules are brought in line with more popular runs:

"Timing starts upon selecting the "Bronze" Difficulty and ends upon defeating Sir Killalot
Timing is done in RTA
Having any other difficulty unlocked disqualifies the run.
Any cheat code is allowed, as these don't cause skips.
The use of any robot is allowed
You may swap robots between difficulties."


(Yes, I know this would mean the time on my submitted run would be shortened a bit by about 3 minutes, but this is the best way to keep the current run the same without affecting the current WR)