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A small tip for anyone planning to get into speedrunning Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Fukusei Toshi.

According to the game's storyline, Rick and Douglas's recruits for their new gym get kidnapped by Dieter/Iceman. When you start your game/run, You'll be tasked with selecting two characters; the first one you select will be the one you control when you start on stage 1; the other hero'heroine is removed from the boss order.

Selecting the first hero/heroine determines the boss order for the first 3 stages. For example, I select Douglas/Slash as my first character; therefore, the order will be Wendy or Kazan, Hack/Rick, and Lord J. Hack/Rick and Lord J will always be the bosses for stages 2 and 3 unless the runner chooses one of them. It's important to do some casual playthroughs first to determine and understand the boss order each of the characters. It's also wise to select Wendy or Kazan as the second character since their boss fights are the hardest.

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