Anyone who reads this:

I've noticed some inconsistencies with how runs have been timed for this map. Any% rules state that timing starts on hitting the pressure plates, while 100% rules state that timing starts on "moving from spawn." However, not all the runs have been consistently timed properly. So, since these runs are coming down to margins within a second, I felt it necessary to make a revision.

For both categories, timing will start when you hit the pressure plates (to be precise, time will start on the frame that the "Given speed" message appears). Timing will still end upon "Completed parkour" message for both categories. These are extremely clear frames to identify, which should make timing runs much easier and consistent. I will retime all current runs according to these new guidelines, and will do a precise frame count for each of the top 3 runs in both categories.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask in this thread or in the general Minecraft speedrunning Discord, which you can find under the Minecraft: Java Edition resources page (ping me @BlueCrystal004 or @Moderator).

P.S. I am a general mod for Minecraft: JE and most custom maps. I have never run this map, nor did I set up this leaderboard.

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