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So I decided to do runs going for 2nd place (since wr is too perfect lol) and out of nowhere on my first attempt I get this insane run, as soon as I finished I was super satisfied and ready to pack my bags and move on to a new speedgame, then I watched the video OH. MY. GOD. Why would this happen to me on my best run when my 14:57 was the crispest thing ever, this video ruined my day, I thought I was done with this game, and I don't even know if I am. Believe me, I would never fake a run of this game, and I don't plan on doing any more runs of this game past this one. I don't know if this proves as valid evidence or not since Google Chrome loooooooooves to eat my trash CPU. Man, this just sucks. I just hope to see any feedback from the mods, I'm sorry, this just hurts. I don't want the performance of my computer's recordings to decide the fate of my runs, and if I were to even beat this run, the fact that its possible to be a PowerPoint slideshow just irks me. This is the full, raw recording of the session. I just don't know if this run is enough.


1. Play on flash standalone, it takes way less cpu than google chrome. Its also makes the game itself less laggy (depends on the computer and website)
https:/​/​www.​coolmath-games.​com/​sites/​cmatgame/​files/​games/​run.​swf (run 1 swf)
2. I'm hesitant to accept it, but this is honestly more proof than runs without game audio, so I will.


I really appreciate it maximum, thanks for the tip. I'll reupload the video and submit it.