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I don't know how to use Livesplitter for this game. I wanna speedrun using Flashpoint.


You're conflating a few things here.

LiveSplit is a timer program which allows you to start and stop a timer with button presses. You have to download and install the program before you can use it, there's plenty of tutorials elsewhere.

An autosplitter is a separate piece of code someone can program that works with LiveSplit to start and stop the timer automatically, but since no one has made any autosplitters for the Riddle School games, this is irrelevant.


Can you make an autosplitter???


that's kinda rude to ask someone you don't know to make something purely for the reason of benefitting you.


I retime all runs anyway; making an autosplitter is completely unnecessary.


I didn't sound rude. If you want me to sound rude, here is it.

"Give me a autosplitter for my own benefits."

If there is, I would put it on the resource page.